1. Folder System.

Create a folder titled STAT408 on the computer you plan to use for this course to store data sets and code from this class. (Also consider a system that will back up your files online - such as box, dropbox, or Google drive.)

2. Download R.

3. Download RStudio.

4. Use R Markdown through R Studio to create an HTML file and turn in via D2L.

a. (10 points)

Include your name and the current date in the header.

b. (10 points)

Solve the following algebra problem using the standard arithmetic available in R. Hermione is a ski bum and wants to make a few runs down hully gully before her bus back to Bozeman leaves. She has two hours to ski and she is currently at the base of the sunnyside lift. It takes her 15 minutes get to the top of upper hully gully (riding the sunnyside and powder park lifts). Hermione can ski to the bottom of the mountain in 8 minutes. How many runs can she make and not miss her bus home? Note the number of runs must be an integer. (A chunk of R code is started for you.)

remaining.hours <- 2

number.of.runs <- '??'

Hermione has time for ?? trips down hully gully.