Please use D2L to turn in both the HTML output and your R Markdown file in.

Q1. R style guide (4 pts)

Summarize what you learned from the Google R style guide.

Q2. Course Overview (2 pts)

a. (1 pt)

What has been your favorite thing about this course so far?

b. (1 pt)

What (if anything) could be changed in this course to improve your learning?

Q3. Writing Functions (4 pts)

Write a function that:

Note the modulus operator %% is useful. This is the remainder for division, so this provides an easy way to test whether an integer is even or odd as 7 %% 2 is 1 and 8 %% 2 is 0.

#is.even <- function(val){
#  remainder <- val %% 2 == 1

Q4. Creating Tables (4 pts)

Download the Housing dataset at: Use the aggregate function to compute the average home price across the states in the dataset. Print the results to a table using the kable function.