Turn in one copy for each group. If group members are not present in class they will be required to complete their own lab to receive credit. Please turn in two files: one that contains your code and another with output and your written interpretations.


Capital Bikeshare

Use the bike data set to answer the following questions.

a. (30 points)

Using this data set, run a paired t-test for the total number of bikes between registered and casual users. Interpret the results.

b. (35 points)

Using this data set, run an ANOVA to test for differences in the total count of riders across the 4 seasons. Interpret the results.

c. (35 points)

Using this data set, run a regression model for the total count casual of riders. To include categorical variables you will need to code these as a series of dummy variables or use Proc GLM with a CLASS statement. Interpret the model.