Turn in one copy for each group. If group members are not present in class they will be required to complete their own lab to receive credit. Please turn in your PDF output and another file that contains SAS code.


For the questions below choose any of the four, all of which are in the course folder on SAS OnDemand:

  1. Airline Data (planes.csv) https://www.transtats.bts.gov/Fields.asp?Table_ID=236
  2. Shark Attacks (attacks.csv) https://www.kaggle.com/teajay/global-shark-attacks
  3. Murder Report (murders.csv) https://www.kaggle.com/murderaccountability/homicide-reports
  4. Gym Attendance (attendance.csv) https://www.kaggle.com/nsrose7224/crowdedness-at-the-campus-gym

Note: these files have been trimmed to help facilitate more efficient computing in SAS OnDemand.

Make a series of three figures using SAS SGPLOT (with at least one using SAS SGPANEL) that tell an interesting story. For highest marks, figures should be captivating and adhere to principles of good graphics.