Corinne Casolara

Student Success Coordinator, M172

As an SSC, I aim to improve the success of students through developing curriculum, performing instructor observations and follow-ups, recording course statistics, targeting at-risk students, hosting review sessions, handling student issues, and researching educational tools and methods for implementation in current and future M172 courses.

Fall 2018 Availability

Office Hours

  •  Mondays: 10-10:50am and 3:10-4pm
  • Tuesdays: 11-11:50am
  •  Thursdays: 10-10:50am
  •  By appointment


  •  Mondays 11 - 11:50am

Fall 2018 Info

Main course website:

Brightspace for grades and quiz solutions:

WebWork for online homework: 

Videos! (posted under the Media column in the Suggested Exercises): Link

Current Courses:

  • Math 172 Section 02, Fall 2018 (9am MTWF, WIL 1-142)
  • Math 172 Section 08, Fall 2018 (2:10pm MTWF, WIL 1-142)