The conference will center around lectures by Dan Freed (UT Austin) on the interaction of topology and geometry with physics.  Particular topics may include computations in stable homotopy and the classification of topological insulators, higher symmetries/gauge theories, and extended topological quantum field theories. In addition, there will be several Supplementary Experts on hand:

  • Agnes Beaudry (CU Boulder)
  • Robert Bryant (Duke)
  • Tudor Dimofte (UC Davis)
  • Sam Gunningham (UT Austin)
  • Max Metlitski (MIT)
  • Dave Morrison (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Andy Neitzke (UT Austin)


MSU Campus

MSU (Bozeman)

Funding--for travel and local expenses--is available for graduate students and recent Phds. We particularly encourage the participation of female mathematicians and mathematicians from other underrepresented groups.  UPDATE: Application for funded participants has now closed.



If you are a senior mathematician and are interested in participating, please contact Ryan Grady directly.



Bozeman is an excellent place to visit during the summer. There are many happenings downtown, as well as abundant outdoor activities.



Check out the conference poster: poster.