Computing Resources

Computing Resourse Information

The Department maintains a networked UNIX system comprised of a Sun Fire V880 8-processor server, several Sun Blade servers and several  other Sun workstations. Sun Ray terminals and workstations distributed in computer laboratories and offices provide access to the system and are available to faculty and graduate students 24 hours a day. 

  1. Multi-media Computing Lab  (Wil 1-144)
    Consists of 28 workstations with retractible flat screen monitors, projection system, digital document camera, DVD/sound in a hi-tech setting suitable for mutlimedia lectures and presentations. 
  2. Math. Education Computer Lab (Wil 1-133)
    This lab consists of several PC's, a projection system in a math education learning environment suitable for teaching K-12 math teaching techniques.
  3. Graduate and Undergraduate Student Computer Lab (Wil 1-145)
    Consists of several UNIX workstations and PC's and is accessible to all graduate students and faculty 24hrs/day and undergraduates for HW during office hours.
Wireless network for people with laptops is maintained by the Information Technology Center.

Departmental Software Support

The department supports various computing languages and software packages. Some common ones are:

  Description Local Link Alternate Info
UNIX  Operating system Unix tutorial reference card
Matlab matrix calculations introduction Tutorial Link 1 (pdf)
Tutorial Link 2 (pdf)
Maple symbollic calculations introduction Introduction (html)
Splus, R similar statistical packages RSplus CRAN , CSAN
SAS commonly used statistical package SAS  
Latex/TeX math typesetting system introduction   reference card
xppaut dynamical system simulations Tutorial download
emacs advanced text editor introduction tutorial
AUTO dynamical system FORTRAN lib.   Concordia Site
  other software and info help pages PSU Software Link
More help can be found at our local help pages.

Departmental Printer Names and Locations

  • mathlex - Main (Lexmark) printer in Wilson 2-247
  • mathlex1 - Single-sided printing to Main (Lexmark) printer in Wilson 2-247
  • mathhp - Secondary (Hewlett-Packard) printer in Wilson 2-247
  • lablex - Large lab printer in Wilson 1-144
  • lab2lex - Small lab printer in Wilson 1-145
  • gradlex - Grad printer in Wilson 1-114


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