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8:15 Coffee & Doughnuts Coffee & Doughnuts Coffee & Doughnuts Coffee & Doughnuts
9:00 Welcome to MSU Schovanec Burns  
9:30 King Raye Klapper Smith
10:00 Pernarowski Break Break Horn
10:30 Break K. Gilliam Wijeratna Break
11:00 Martin Buksas Potter Shubov
11:30 Enjoy the Afternoon Enjoy the Day Lunch Banks
12:00 Oasis Closing Dinner
1:00 D. Gilliam
1:30 Cliff
Evening Activities Burger Bob's - Lund's for Drinks Taste & Bite of Bozeman Dinner Deer Park Chalet at Bridger Bowl Sweet Pea Festival


Talk Titles


Belinda King, ICAM, Virginia Tech - Centroidal Voronoi Tesselations for Sensor and Actuator Placement

Mark Pernarowski, Montana State Univ. - Existence of Controls for Coupled Excitable Cells

Clyde Martin, Texas Tech Univ. - To Pay or Not To Pay


Lawrence Schovanec, Texas Tech Univ. - An Optimal Control Model for Analyzing Motor Control Strategies

Julie Raye, CRSC, North Carolina State Univ. - Electromagnetic Interrogation Using Acoustic Wavefronts

Kathleen Gilliam, Texas Tech Univ. - Non-Orthogonal Decomposition Modeling for Full Pressure Fields

Mike Buksas, Los Alamos National Lab - Time, Frequency and Time-Frequency Domain Methods for Dielectric Parameter Identification


John Burns, ICAM, Virginia Tech - The Impact of Small Parameters on Model Reduction Schemes

Isaac Klapper, Montana State Univ. - Finger Formation in Unstressed Biofilms

Nilmini Wijeratna, Texas Tech Univ. - Mathematical Modeling of the Circadian Rhythm

Laura Potter, CRSC, North Carolina State Univ. - A Dispersion Model for the Transport of Trichloroethylene in Human Adipose Tissue

Victor Shubov, Texas Tech Univ. - Dynamics of Airflow Containing Fine Dust and Stability of a Tornado Vortex

Gene Cliff, ICAM, Virginia Tech - Modeling and Control of a Thermal System with Radiant Exchange


Ralph Smith, CRSC, North Carolina State Univ. - Hysteresis Modeling for an Atomic Force Microscope

Mary Ann Horn, Vanderbilt Univ. - Modelling and a Little Control of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE)

Dave Gilliam, Texas Tech Univ. - Output Regulation of Delay Differential Control Systems

Tom Banks, CRSC, North Carolina State Univ. - Some Remarks on Internal Variable Dynamics in Viscoelasticity and Electromagnetics