Organizing Committee

  • Andrew Gilbert, University of Exeter UK.
  • Frank Hoppensteadt, New York University.
  • Isaac Klapper, Montana State University.
  • Keith Moffatt, University of Cambridge UK.
  • Jun Zhang, New York University.

In the age of "grand challenges" and increasingly large scale computations of complex systems, it is easy to lose sight of fundamental theoretical and experimental issues and of the importance of increasing our understanding of basic principles of fluid dynamical systems. Yet these "classical" viewpoints form a knowledge foundation which will always have a central place in our understanding of physical systems, including phenomena revealed by large scale simulations and of importance both in engineering and in natural applications.

On June 7-10, 2010, the conference Fluid Dynamics: From Theory to Experiment will be held at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. This conference is in part a celebration of the scientific work of Steve Childress and will emphasize (though not exclusively) areas Steve has explored over his career, including dynamos, vortices and singularities, and biofluids. We intend to include both analysis and experiment, with focus on the current and future roles of these methodologies in a fluid dynamics world increasingly dominated by computation.

Bozeman is a small city located in the Rocky Mountains, approximately 90 miles drive from the world's first national park, Yellowstone National Park. Due in part to its popularity as a tourist destination, Bozeman has multiple daily air connections to each of Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Minneapolis as well as less frequent flights to other major hubs.

Committed participants include, so far:

  • Garcia de Andrade (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Daljit Ahluwalia (NJIT)
  • Andrea Bertozzi (UCLA)
  • Bruce Bayly (Arizona)
  • Axel Brandenburg (NORDITA, Sweden)
  • John Bush (MIT)
  • Roberto Camassa (North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • Jeff Childress (Hitachi)
  • Lily Childress (Bates)
  • Alexander Chorin (Berkeley)
  • Robert Dillon (Washington State)
  • Robert Dudley (Berkeley)
  • Lisa Fauci (Tulane)
  • Aaron Fogelson (Utah)
  • Scott Kelly (North Carolina, Charlotte)
  • Joe Keller (Stanford)
  • Jerry Kevorkian (Washington)
  • Sun-Chul Kim (Chung-Ang, South Korea)
  • Justin Kao (MIT)
  • Joceline Lega (Arizona)
  • Stefan Llewellyn Smith (UCSD)
  • Dana Longcope (Montana State)
  • Rich McLaughlin (North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • Hilary Ockendon (Oxford, UK)
  • John Ockendon (Oxford, UK)
  • Jerry Percus (NYU)
  • Paul Roberts (UCLA)
  • Mike Shelley (NYU)
  • Mike Siegel (NJIT)
  • Andrew Soward (Exeter, UK)
  • Saverio Spagnolie (UCSD)
  • Ed Spiegel (Columbia)
  • Deborah Sulsky (New Mexico)
  • Jean-Luc Thiffeault (Wisconsin)
  • Tadashi Tokieda (Cambridge, UK)
  • Jane Wang (Cornell)

A special issue of Physica D is planned, to be linked to the topics of the conference. Participants will be invited to contribute a paper of original scientific research with a deadline of 1st July 2010, after which refereeing will take place to the usual Physica D standards. The maximum length is currently set at 12 pages and contributions will be welcomed on a first come, first served basis.

For additional information, please contact