M121 TEAL instruction can be described as “flipped” instruction. Students are expected to watch multiple short (5 – 15 minute) online video lectures and fill out corresponding pages in a packet of Student Video Notes PRIOR to attending class. At the beginning of class, there may be a 10 – 15 minute mini-lecture focused on a review of big ideas and/or working through one or two more-difficult examples. In addition, instructors scan students’ video notes to check for completeness. Then, with the support of two instructors, students work in cooperative groups on several questions / problems that are designed to strengthen their understanding of the content. Group members receive a common daily grade for their work. After class, individual students are expected to complete an associated online homework assignment. 


For M121 Non-TEAL instruction, students are expected to watch one (or two) short introductory online video lecture(s) and fill out corresponding Student Video Note pages PRIOR to class so that class time can focus on more-difficult examples. The instructor will spend some of the class period covering content through lecture that incorporates active-learning strategies and that is based on the Student Video Notes. In addition, students will work on some problems in cooperative groups, but not as many problems as TEAL students pursue. There is a daily grade associated with class participation and this often will be a group grade. After class, students are expected to complete the same online homework assignment as students in TEAL sections are assigned. For added support, Non-TEAL students also have access to the same full set of online instructional videos as students in TEAL sections.


Hence, in deciding which kind of instruction would be best for them personally, students should consider whether it would be better for them to work through many problems in class with the support of their fellow students and two instructors or whether it would be better for them to receive a “live” lecture during which they can ask questions, but work through a much smaller number problems in groups with support. In addition, students who have a strong distaste / discomfort-level for working in groups may prefer Non-TEAL instruction. But, such students should be aware that TEAL instruction is more-closely aligned with the active-learning tenants that have arisen from research on learning, both educational research and brain-function research. Lastly, although both modes of instruction cover the same content and have the same common-hour exams, TEAL instruction provides a greater sense of a more-relaxed pace, with more opportunities for review, than Non-TEAL instruction provides.


Instructional Approaches for Fall 2017 Sections of M121

TEAL Sections

Section 5, CRN 22195, MWF 10 – 10:50 am in Wilson 1-119

Section 7, CRN 22197, MWF 11 – 11:50 pm in Wilson 1-119

Section 8, CRN 22198, TR 10:50 – 12:05 pm in Wilson 1-134

Section 9, CRN 22199, MWF 12:00 – 12:50 pm in Wilson 1-119

Section 10, CRN 22200, TR 12:15 – 13:30 pm in Wilson 1-134

Section 11, CRN 22201, MWF 13:10 – 14:00 pm in Wilson 1-119

Section 13, CRN 22247, MWF 14:10 – 15:00 pm in Wilson 1-119

Section 14, CRN 22532, TR 8:00 – 9:15 pm in Wilson 1-134

Section 15, CRN 22720, MWF 9:00 – 9:50 pm in Wilson 1-119


Non-TEAL Sections

Section 1, CRN 22191, MWF 8 – 8:50 am in Wilson 1-134

Section 2, CRN 22192, MWF 9 – 9:50 am in Wilson 1-134

Section 3, CRN 22193, TR 9:25 – 10:40 am in Wilson 1-134

Section 4, CRN 22194, MWF 10:00 – 10:50 am in Wilson 1-134

Section 6, CRN 22196, MWF 11 – 11:50 am in Wilson 1-121

Section 12, CRN 22202, TR 13:40 – 14:55 pm in Wilson 1-134

Section 16, CRN 23249, MWF 13:10 – 14:00 pm in ROBH 102

Section 17, CRN 24799, MWF 9:00 – 9:50 am in ROBH 319

Section 18, CRN 24800, TR 18:10 – 19:25 pm in WIL 1-125

Section 19, CRN 24801, MWF 14:10 – 15:00 pm in REID 452

Section 20, CRN 24802, MWF 15:10 – 16:00 in REID 452


NOTE: M121 Section 801 is an online course (NOT independent study) with no face-to-face instruction, but covers the same content and has the same exams as the other sections of M121. Instructor-approval is required to register for this section. Only students who cannot take a face-to-face section or have a very strong reason for needing online instruction will be permitted into this section.


Questions? Contact Dr. Heidi Staebler-Wiseman:  h.staeblerwiseman@montana.edu