Graphing Functions


As you work through some of your homework problems in this course, it is a good idea to review some of the basic functions, their properties and their graphs. For instance 

f(t) = sin(t),

g(t) = sin(2t) ,

h(t) = t * sin(t),

z(t) = e^t * sin(t)


have very distinct characteristics as far as their periodicity, amplitude and long-term behavior (as t -> infinity). It would help you to understand these concepts as we move through the course. The following link sends you to a web page created and maintained by a program called "Maths Online" through the University of Vienna. It contains some nifty graphing tools. The first one that you should try is the button titled maths online function plotter. (You will need to scroll down the page a bit to find it.) This tool allows you to graph several functions on the same screen. So, if you are interested in discerning the relationship between the graphs of the given functions, then this link might be helpful. Before visiting the link, note that the syntax may be a little tough, so you will have to use the following types of syntax for the tool. For example, to exponentiate, you use the '^' symbol (should be above the number 6 on your keyboard). And also use the '*' symbol (above the number 8 on your keyboard) to denote multiplication. Good Luck! 

  • Click Here for an attractive and helpful (hopefully) online presentation concerning this topic.

Updated on: 08/22/07.