Math 581

Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
MWF 8AM in Wilson 1-139


  • For a general overview of the course, download the Course Policies given below.
  • Deadline for the FINAL EXAM is Monday, December 6. An electronic version of the assignment can be downloaded from the list below.
  • See Downloading Course Materials below if you are not sure how to view the course materials.

Course Policies:PDF, PS
Textbook:Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, by K.W. Morton & D.F. Mayers

Topics for the Course

  1. Parabolic Equations in One Space Variable
  2. Parabolic Equations in Two and Three Dimensions
  3. Hyperbolic Equations in One Space Dimension
  4. Consistency, Convergence and Stability
  5. Linear, Second Order Elliptic Equations in Two Dimensions
  6. Iterative Solution of Linear Algebraic Equations

Homework Assignments

Homework 1: PDF, PS
Homework 2: PDF, PS
Homework 3: PDF, PS
Homework 4: PDF, PS
Homework 5: PDF, PS
Homework 6: PDF, PS

Final Exam: PDF, PS

Computer Work

Lab 1:
Lab 2:
Lab 3: trisys.m
Lab 4:
Lab 5:
Lab 6:
Lab 7:
Lab 8:
Lab 9:

Supplementary Texts:

  1. Finite Element Solution of Boundary Value Problems: Theory and Computation (SIAM Series Classics in Applied Mathematics, a republication) by O. Axelsson and V.A. Barker
  2. A Multigrid Tutorial (SIAM, 2nd ed.) by W. Briggs, V.E. Henson and S.F. McCormick
  3. Numerical Analysis (Brooks/Cole Series in Advanced Mathematics, 3rd ed.) by D. Kincaid, W. Cheney
  4. A First Course in the Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations (Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics) by A. Iserles

Students are NOT required to buy the supplementary texts. Occasionally, I will cover topics and include material from these texts that are not covered to my satisfaction in the required text.

Downloading Course Materials

Many of the Course Materials above must be downloaded in one of the given file formats (Postscript, PDF or DVI).

If you download the PDF version, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the document. Relax, the Reader is free and can be downloaded from the following site. Just click on the `Get Acrobat Reader' icon to the right, and follow the directions.

Ghostscript LogoIf you prefer to download the PS (Postscript) version, you will need Ghostscript or GSView. This is also free software. Just click on the icon to the right and follow the directions. Note, I think you will need a version of WinZip or another program to decompress or `unzip' some of the downloaded files. Personally, I think the Acrobat Reader is a little easier to work with, but it is up to you. Note, if you are working on a UNIX machine, you can print Postscript files from the prompt. Check with your local computer guru or systems administrator before you download programs that are not needed.

Computer Resources

I will give you more information on computer assignments as the course progresses. In the meantime, there are some computer resources listed below. There are also a few listed on my `Useful Links' Page which can be accessed from the Navigation Bar above.



You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDFs.

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