Graduate Teaching Assistantship

The Department of Mathematical Sciences awards approximately 65 Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) each year. The stipend for the GTA in 2016-2017 ranges from $14,450 to $16,450 depending on qualifications, plus an additional $1,300 to help defray health care costs. Many GTA's are awarded summer stipends for teaching a six week course ranging from $3,600-3,700. GTAs also receive full tuition waivers but must pay miscellaneous fees. Currently fees are roughly $1,683 per semester for health insurance (or proof of other coverage), and $240 to $779 per semester for additional fees depending on the number of credits taken. GTAs must take a minimum of 6 credits each semester. GTAs teach one college level class per semester, thereby enhancing their education while improving their marketability. GTAs teach a variety of courses, over 17 different courses ranging from College Algebra through the four semester Calculus sequence and more. This experience as a classroom instructor helps to develop the essential teaching breadth and skills required for academic jobs as well as excellent communication skills desired by private industry and government employers. Screening for new GTA appointments begins mid-December and most offers are made by March 15th. Applicants accepted to the graduate degree program in Mathematical Sciences will be considered for the GTA positions; there is no separate application process.  To apply go to How Do I Apply? link.

Graduate Research Assistantships

Some Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) are also available. Stipends are usually the same as for GTAs but they may be higher. GRAs work on research projects with faculty in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and often with research scientists across the campus on interdisciplinary projects. GRAs have had the opportunity to work on projects with the Center of Biofilm Engineering, the Center for Computational Biology, the Mountain Research Center, the Agriculture Experiment Station, the United States Geological Survey, and the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Students admitted to the graduate degree program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences are automatically considered for research projects. To apply go How Do I Apply? link.

Fellowships and Scholarships

University and departmental scholarships and fellowships are available. The priority date to be considered for $1000 Presidential Scholarships and $5000 Meritorious Graduate Fellowships is December 15th. Applicants who are admitted to the Department of Mathematical Sciences graduate degree program will be automatically considered for awards; no other applications are necessary.

Financial Aid

Students who need additional financial support should contact the Office of Financial Aid Services link for more information and application forms regarding financial aid for graduate programs.


Updated on: 8/22/2016