We want teachers exiting the MSMME program to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the standards that guide their profession and how these standards undergird their own professional growth. In addition, we want teachers to continuously reflect on their learning; to recognize personal gains in content knowledge and pedagogical skills; and to engage in classroom research experiences.

Most graduate programs require a culminating or "capstone" event. Depending on the program, this may take the form of a formal thesis project, an oral or written compehensive examination, or an action research project. The capstone experience in the MSMME program engages teachers in completion and presentation of a professional portfolio representing their entire body of work in the program, which may include samples of coursework, Living Laboratory summaries, classroom action research reports, and a series of reflections.

Each course requires a formative self-assessment in the form of a written reflection. A typical course reflection will include:

  1. A description of the Living Laboratory project (in the case of pedagogy courses) or the Signature Assignment (in the case of content courses).
  2. A discussion of how the course supports the teacher's professional growth
  3. A clear connection to standards for content and practice as stated in the CCSS and PSSM (see below)

In preparation for completion of the MSMME program, teachers will prepare a summative self-assessment demonstrating a synthesis of knowledge gained from their coursework and applied experiences. This final reflection addresses mathematics standards, knowledge of mathematics content and practices, and teaching and learning mathematics, and provides evidence of growth in at least some of these areas. The summative reflection may take two forms:

  1. A formal paper addressing all of the components described above
  2. An electronic presentation (audio/video or audio with screen capture) in the form of a "TED Talk" supported by a written outline of key ideas.


Updated on: 10/22/2012.