A significant portion of the courses leading to the MSMME degree are offered on a regular basis using online learning technologies.MSMME online classes take place in an asynchronous, computer-mediated format using Desire2Learn, MSU's course delivery software platform. Courses are carefully structured, but are not conducted in real time; therefore, students can access the class at times during the day or night that are most convenient to them.

Effective online learning requires an active community of learners, and the creation of a learning community is a shared responsibility among all participants. MSMME teachers are expected to give their full attention to online coursework, engaging fully and frequently in online discussions and responding promptly to assignments. To fairly balance course expectations with the demands of school schedules, teachers may participate in only one MSMME course per academic semester. To further ensure a high-quality online experience, course enrollments are typically capped at 16, with enrollment increased to 20 at the instructor’s discretion. MSMME students have priority access to courses in their program of study; other qualified teachers or graduate students may be admitted if space allows.

Courses may use textbooks, problems, calculators and data gathering devices, online statistical packages and other software, and Web-based applications including interactive applets, videos, and databases. There are typically no lectures, although video and screen-capture technology may be used. Instructors and students often explore course material together in a problem-based format as they interact and exchange ideas through group discussions, presentations, and one-on-one conversations. Assignments are typically submitted via word processing of presentation tools, PDFs, or using mathematics software products.

MSU-Bozeman is a regional and national leader in offering online coursework for graduate programs in mathematics and science. MSU programs such as the National Teachers Enhancement Network and the MSU Masters of Science in Science Education provide science educators with innovative learning opportunities.

Approximately two-thirds of MSMME courses are offered via distance delivery. Visit the "Curriculum Overview" link for a list of all MSMME courses, and the "Sample Program of Study" link to view a proposed pathway through the program.


Updated on: 10/22/2012.