The recently revised MSMME program incorporates a streamlined curriculum aligned with Common Core and NCTM Standards, specific requirements for coursework targeted at high school mathematics, and exciting opportunities for embedded classroom research and professional reflection. To maintain the depth and quality of their educational experience, MSMME teachers must complete required and elective courses as follows.

  1. Four required content courses reflective of the content encountered in high school mathematics::
    • M 518 Statistics for Teachers
    • M 524 (Linear) Algebra for Teachers
    • M 525 Analysis for Teachers
    • M 527 Geometry for Teachers
  2. At least two pedagogy courses reflective of significant components of the teaching profession:
    • M 520 Standards-Based Mathematics for Teachers
    • M 521 Learning Theories in Mathematics for Teachers
    • M 528 Curriculum Design (MS/PhD combined course)
    • M 529 Assessment Models and Issues (MS/PhD combined course
  3. As part of the program capstone requirements, teachers will build a program portfoliothroughout their course of study and present a summative reflection upon completion of coursework (details are provided elsewhere).
  4. Most programs of study will also include completion of an action research project:
    • M 577 Improving Mathematics Instruction

Programs of study may vary individually based on approved transfer credit, choices of elective courses, and external time constraints. In your first summer on campus or soon after you complete 6 hours of coursework, the MSMME coordinator will work with you to develop a program of study. In order to meet MSMME program requirements you can expect to take online courses during the academic year as well as online and on-campus courses during at least one summer. You are expected to be on campus for a 3-week session during your first summer in the program, and most teachers will return to campus for at least one more summer session.

The "Sample Program of Study" link demonstrates the most desirable route to completing the full MSMME program (two academic years and three summers). The highlights are as follows:

  • Summer #1: Take two courses during a 3-week summer session at MSU
  • AY #1: Take one online course in fall and spring semesters.
  • Summer #2: Take two 7-week online courses (no on-campus requirement)
  • AY #2: Take one online course in fall and spring semesters
  • Summer #3: Take two courses on campus (3 weeks) or blend on-campus and online (7 weeks). Portfolios, including summative reflections, will be presented at this time.



Updated on: 10/22/2012.