On-Campus Summer Courses

MSMME on-campus courses are offered during a compressed three-week summer session. Because of the concentrated nature of on-campus summer coursework, teachers typically complete only 6 or 7 credits during the session. (In cases of advanced academic standing, a teacher may opt to enroll in two on-campus courses as well as a 7-week online course, which would allow them to earn the maximum of 9 credit hours during the summer).

The MSMME program is not designed to be completed entirely at a distance. We place significant value on the relationships formed between and among faculty and students. Although teachers may begin the program at any time during the year, they are assigned to a cohort based on their first expected summer on campus, where they will meet many of the teachers they're likely to interact with online over the course of the program. Most MSMME teachers opt to live on campus during the summer session, providing access to a lively learning community for studying and socializing. Summer session also provides an opportunity to finalize a program of study and become familiar with the faculty, the department, and the university.

An "ideal" program of study begins with a summer session on campus (6 credits), followed by 6 credits acquired in fall and spring online courses. The second summer may be spent away from campus taking online courses (6 credits), followed by another 6 online credits in fall and spring. With 24 credits acquired, teachers are encouraged to complete their program on campus during a third summer with two on-campus courses or a combination of on-campus and online coursework. At this time, teachers can discuss their professional portfolios with graduate committee members and present their summative program reflections, either individually to committee members or with other graduates in a symposium format.

This scenario may vary depending on a teacher's individual circumstances and whether transfer credit has been approved. Keep in mind that the MSU Graduate School requires that all students be enrolled for 3 credit hours during the term of their graduation.

Approximately two-thirds of MSMME courses are offered via distance delivery. Visit the "Curriculum Overview" link for a list of all MSMME courses, and the "Sample Program of Study" link to view a proposed pathway through the program.

On-Campus Academic Year Courses

On occasion, an MSMME teacher may choose to attend MSU full-time during the academic year. In such cases, they may supplement online coursework with up to 12 hours of face-to-face coursework from non-MSMME offerings such as those listed below. More detailed information about these courses and their schedules can be found in the MSU Catalog 




Updated: 10/22/2012