Grant Team

Headshot of Dr. John Borkowski

Dr. John Borkowski (Mathematical Sciences)

Dr. John Borkowski graduated with a PhD in Statistics from the University of Delaware.  His research and teaching interests include response surface methodology, optimal experimental design, statistical quality control, and sampling. Dr. Borkowski has served as an Associate Editor or as a referee for numerous journals, and as a statistical consultant on many interdisciplinary research projects. He has established international research collaborations and doctoral student teaching and mentoring as a visiting professor at Thammasat University and Kasetsart University (Thailand). 

Headshot of Dr. Douglas Cairns

Dr. Douglas Cairns (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Dr. Douglas Cairns' teaching interests involve equipping engineering students with industrial, academic, and government knowledge for them to be successful in careers involving research, design, analysis and manufacturing.  Additionally, Dr. Cairns' research interests include the understanding of advanced materials as applied to primary structure and understanding the materials, manufacturing, and structural performance link for new engineering systems. 

Headshot of Dr. Lisa Davis

Dr. Lisa Davis (Mathematical Sciences)

After completing her PhD from Virginia Tech, Dr. Davis has continued her academic career with the MSU Mathematical Sciences Department.  Her research interests include sensitivity analysis, numerical methods for partial differential equations and modeling and computation for models in mathematical biology.  With a strong dedication to graduate education, she currently serves as the Graduate Program Committee Chair as well as the PI on the NSF - EDT grant that is developing the MT PEAKS program. 

Headshot of Dr. Karlene Hoo

Dr. Karlene Hoo (Chemical & Biological Engineering)

Biosensors, materials engineering, sustainable energy systems, dynamical systems, multivariate statistics, and uncertainty analysis are all focal points of Dr. Karlene Hoo's research.  Incorporating some of these ideas into Dr. Hoo's courses, she teaches subjects such as chemical process control, linear systems theory, model-based predictive control, thermodynamics, numerical methods, optimization theory, and statistics and probability.

Headshot of Dr. Stephen Sofie

Dr. Stephen Sofie (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

After obtaining his graduate degree from the University of Washington, Dr. Stephen Sofie moved to Bozeman and became both professor and the MSU Campus Director for the PhD Program in Materials Science.  His research interests include advanced ceramics, ceramic processing, engineered porosity, nano-materials, catalysts, and amorphous alloys.  These studies create a basis for his teaching of such topics as materials sciences and engineering, materials selection, and measurements/instrumentation.


Mentoring Faculty:

Headshot of Dr. Roberta Amendola

Dr. Roberta Amendola (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

Dr. Amendola came to MSU after graduating from the University of Genoa (Italy) with a PhD in Material Science and Technology.  Her research focuses on both fundamental and applied investigations into materials degradation and durability in the extreme environments for energy, power, and propulsion.  Currently, Dr. Amendola is focusing on oxidation and corrosion of metallic alloys, high temperature protective coating development and high temperature corrosive gases and water vapor interactions with metals and ceramics.

Headshot of Dr. Anja Kunze

Dr. Anja Kunze (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Dr. Anja Kunze is an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at MSU, where she directs the Neuroengineering Research Laboratory. Dr. Kunze obtained her PhD from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) in Microsystems and Microelectronics in 2012.  Her research interests include engineering neuronal network development and neuronal cell morphology, neurodegenerative diseases, developmental disorders, cell polarity, synapse formation, and vesicular transport.  Dr. Kunze also focuses on engineering in-vivo like bio-microsystems, 2D and 3D cell culture assays.

Headshot of Dr. Rob Walker

Dr. Rob Walker (Director of MUS Graduate Program in Materials Science)

After finishing his PhD at University of Wisconsin, Madison and doing his post-doc studies at the University of Oregon, Dr. Walker began his career as a PI at the University of Maryland, College Park.  He moved to Montana State in 2009 as a professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Dr. Walker also serves as the statewide director for the University System's Montana Materials Science PhD Program.   Dr. Walker's research group includes both graduate and undergraduate students and is focused on using optical spectroscopy to study chemical structure, organization and reactivity at a wide array of surfaces.  Systems studied by researchers in the Walker Group range from electrocatalytic materials used in high temperature fuel cells to model biological membranes that absorb solutes from aqueous solution. 

Grant Assessment, Evaluation, & Reporting:

Headshot of Doreen Brown

Doreen Brown Ed.D. (Chemistry & Biochemistry, Graduate Program Director) 

After completing her Ed.D. from MSU in higher education administration, Dr. Brown serves as both the graduate program director for Chemistry and Biochemistry and the graduate coordinator for the Materials Science Program. She specializes in program assessment.  


Administrative Support:

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Jane Crawford (Admin. Assoc. III, Mathematical Sciences)

Jane has worked in the Department of Mathematical Sciences for almost four years, and has been employed with MSU for a total of twelve.  She enjoys assisting students and faculty, creatively working with website and visual design, all while being in an educational environment.

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