South America

2008 Trip

On our way back from New Zealand in June, Becky and I spent a month in South America. Great people and new friends, culture shock, language, landscapes, bus rides, morning sickness.

When we planned this trip, there were a few sporadic on-line 4 week itineraries, from which we put together the following, which I give in painful detail to perhaps help another:

4 week itinerary, South (Santiago, Chile) to North (Lima, Peru): 

Arrive in Santiago (2 nights), late flight to Calama and then a bus to San Pedro De Atacama (4 nights), Land-Cruiser across the Salar De Uyuni into Bolivia (2 nights), 6 hr night bus to Potosi (+ 1 more night), then morning bus to Sucre (3 nights), 2 day walk through Crater de Maragua (1 night), 12 hour overnight bus to Cochabamba (+ 2 more nights), 7 hour overnight bus to La Paz (+ 2 more nights), 3.5 hr morning bus to Copacabana (1 night), 4 hour boat to Isla Del Sol (1 night), 15 hour overnight bus to Cuzco in Peru (+ 2 more nights), bus and taxi to Ollantaytambo (2 nights), bus to Pisac (1 night). Fly to Lima (1 night), and then out.


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