Math 172 : Midterm 1


           Tuesday, Feb 5: 6:10-8pm


Approximately 40% the exam will be straight up integration problems

  1. Method of substitution                                                (section 5.7)
  2. Simple Inverse Trig. Integrals                                    (section 5.8)
  3. Integration by parts                                                    (section 7.1)
You will have to do four integrals of these types.

For the inverse Trig. integrals (5.8) you will need to memorize:

                             inverse trig
  2) The balance of the exam will be on integral applications
  1. Area between curves                                                  (section 6.1)
  2. Volumes by slices                                                      (section 6.2)
  3. Volumes of revolution - Washers                                (section 6.3)
  4. Volumes of revolution - Shells                                    (section 6.4)
  5. Work                                                                           (section 6.5)
You will have to do one of each of the five application areas above. In some instances you will be asked only to "set up" the integral which means writing out a definite integral with correct limits of integration and correct integrand.
  3) Some noteable exclusions from the exam are:
  1. any topic in section 6.2 other than Volumes by slices 
  2. integrals involving arcsec(u) in sec 5.8
You are expected to evaluate sin, cos and tan of multiples of Pi/6, Pi/4, Pi/3, Pi/2 as well as evaluate inverse trig functions (arcsin, arccos, arctan) of 0, 1/2,sqrt(3)/2,1. Also you need to know ln(e^x)=x, ln(e)=1 and ln(1)=0.
  5) Exam questions are variants of homework problems. Generally speaking the HW is a very good guide to the kinds of problems on the test.  
  6) If you are well prepared, you should be able to do the exam in 50min but will have 1hr and 50min  
  7) Remember our tutoring resources - both the Math Learning Center and review sessions held by Rob Malo.  


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