Training in statistical methods is a required part of the education of graduate students in engineering and the sciences. The Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics is designed to provide additional education in statistical thinking and methodology over and above the basic coursework taken by the typical graduate student. This transcriptable certificate will provide a clear record of additional training in statistics for future graduate programs or employers. The Graduate Certificate will also be of interest to those currently employed in technical fields in the local area and to post-baccalaureate students.

Course Requirements

  • All students must take STAT 511/512 - Methods for Data Analysis I/II
  • Students choose 2 courses from the following list, at least one of which must be either STAT 446 or STAT 541.
    • STAT 446 - Sampling
    • STAT 541 - Experimental Design
    • STAT 431 - Nonparametric Statistics
    • STAT 436/536 - Introduction to Time Series Analysis
    • STAT 437 - Introduction to Applied Multivariate Analysis
    • STAT 439 - Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
    • STAT 448 - Mixed Effects Models
    • STAT 525 - Biostatistics
    • STAT 528 - Statistical Quality Control

Current Graduate Students Must

  • Apply for official admission through the Graduate School.
  • Obtain a grade of B or better in all coursework counted toward the certificate.

Non Degree Seeking Students Must

  • Apply for official admission through the Graduate School.
  • Obtain a grade of B or better in all coursework.

Screening and Advising

All Applicants should complete and submit this screening and advising form; there is no charge for submitting this form. This form allows the Graduate Program Committee to pre-assess your qualifications and to advise you regarding specific application requirements. Be sure to list all Math and Statistics courses you have completed, including the number of credits and the grade in each course. Providing your GRE scores is optional. International applicants, in addition, need to submit TOEFL scores. Be sure to check which program option you plan to apply for, as well as the semester and year you wish to start. Also, indicate if you want to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. Our graduate Program Committee will review this information and let you know if you should pursue the official application process. Applications to our programs are accepted on a rolling basis.


Updated on: 5/31/18