Ph.D. Mathematics Program

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in mathematics is conferred based on proficiency in mathematics and on the ability to carry out independent research in the mathematical sciences as demonstrated by the completion of a doctoral dissertation.  Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in three areas of mathematics through successful completion of course work and written comprehensive examinations.  For a complete list of program requirements and examination topics, please visit the Program Guidelines link below. 

Screening and Advising

All Applicants should complete and submit this screening and advising form; there is no charge for submitting this form. This form allows the Graduate Program Committee to pre-assess your qualifications and to advise you regarding specific application requirements. Be sure to list all Math and Statistics courses you have completed, including the number of credits and the grade in each course. Providing your GRE scores is optional. International applicants, in addition, need to submit TOEFL scores. Be sure to check which program option you plan to apply for, as well as the semester and year you wish to start. Also, indicate if you want to be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. Our graduate Program Committee will review this information and let you know if you should pursue the official application process. Applications to our programs are accepted on a rolling basis.