What is the Math Placement Level Exam (MPLEX)?

This exam will satisfy the mathematical prerequisite requirements for math, statistics and related courses. Keep in mind that placement exam scores are only good for one year. If the year lapses, the MPLEX score is no longer valid. At that point, your math placement is determined upon the grade you received in your previous math course.  Please be aware that Montana State University - Bozeman accepts this exam only. If you have taken another math placement exam at another University, including another MUS school, it is non-transferable to MSU.

For questions regarding prerequisites, please visit our Prerequisites and Policy page.

For questions regarding which exam to take or course prerequisites, please call the Department of Mathematical Sciences at 406-994-3601.

Taking the Placement Exam

The math placement exam must be taken in the controlled, proctored environment of the MSU Testing Services Center or during the first day of Orientation in the announced Montana State University-Bozeman computer lab. To schedule an appointment with Testing Services, please call 406-994-6984 or testing@montana.edu. No walk-ins will be accepted. The MPLEX is offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Please bring:

  • A picture ID
  • A basic calculator will be provided for your use on the exam.  Students may use their own calculators, but graphing, programmable, CAS, networking, cell phone, and smart watch calculators are prohibited on the MPLEX. For questions about calculators, please contact Testing Services at 406-994-6984 or testing@montana.edu.

Preparing for the MPLEX

Exam Results and Placement Level

You will receive a score immediately upon finishing your exam. Your score will available to instructors, including your adviser by accessing Banner the following morning.