Lake Plateau in Absarokas August 2006

Tomas Gedeon

phone: 406-994-5359
fax : 406-994-1789
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Bozeman, MT 59717
gedeon at math dot montana dot edu

Welcome you to my home page. In mathematics I am interested in applied dynamical systems with applications in biological models, especialy in neuroscience and gene regulation. Otherwise I like to ski (downhill, crosscountry and backcountry), hike and mountain bike.

  1. My current schedule
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Publications
  4. I am a member of Center for Computational Biology
  5. I am a part of INBRE program in Biomedical Sciences
  6. I am an Associate Editor of DCDS-B journal
    1. I have co-organized these workshops and conferences:

    2. NIPS workshop in Whistler, BC, Dec.12-13th 2003
    3. Quantitative Mathematical Modeling of Gene Regulatory Networks in Mathematical Biosciences Institute at Ohio State, December 2-4, 2004.
    4. Dynamics of gene regulation, ICIAM 07 (International Congress on Applied and Industrial Mathematics) in Zurich July 16-20 2007.
    5. Mathematical tools for multi-scale biological processes in Bozeman, Montana June 4-6 2008.
    6. Computational Topology and Dynamics Workshop in Bozeman, Montana August 10-12 2008.